Elias and his ego

Elias wrote his Viewpoint on ethiomedia website under the title"EPRP Gives TPLF Assassins Political Cover" in August 17, 2002.
"I was listening and being amused by the repeated false reports and virulent criticisms directed at the Ethiopians' Democratic Party (EDP) by EPRP's Hibret Radio and its accomplices, Netsanet Radio, as well as "Kokeb" and "Hawaria" newspapers. I'm not amused any more because now their campaign is endangering the lives of the EDP members and leaders."
I am as well astonished by your repeated imprudent accusation and public condemnation directed at CUD by Ethiopian Review, your accomplices, and Ethiopiawinet Radio.
"By broadcasting false reports about division inside the EDP leadership, these EPRP-affiliated radio programs and newspapers are giving a political cover for the TPLF death squads to assassinate EDP leaders and blame the crime on the alleged division inside the EDP. The EPRP propaganda campaign has created an atmosphere for the TPLF to commit a perfect crime against the EDP leaders. That's why every EDP supporter, and any one who wants to see a positive political development in our country where politically motivated murder doesn't exist any more, should be deeply concerned by the assassination attempt on EDP's Head of Organizational Affairs, Ato Tamrat Tarekegn. There is no doubt that the attempted murder of Tamrat, a key individual inside the EDP leadership, is the work of TPLF agents. EPRP's propaganda undoubtely contributed to this crime by creating an atmosphere where the TPLF assassins would feel free to carry out their crime and blame it on the alleged friction inside EDP. "
By spreading intentionally deceptive stories about CUD-NA leadership, Elias website and Mirchaw "Ethiopiawinet" FM-Radio are libel to the damages that causes any problem to the struggle and the leaders of CUD who are in jail right now in Kaliti. Tell me, Elias, how it felt like when Your "EDP" being accused of some crime? The propoganda Elias and his group are spreading is, in fact, accusing CUD-NA as a closed office which doesn't allow Ethiopians to participate in any event, but as all Ethiopians have the way to gather their information, it is quite clear that Elias and his group are wrong. Elias and his group continuously have accused the leaders of CUD-NA of a crime, damaged the leaders professional reputation, affected their office by braking the office table. Elias is Balege who used obscene words "enatachehune ......." during a meeting in CUD's office.
"The EPRP propaganda arms are waging an all out campaign of disinformation with the aim of derailing EDP's effort to bring about a positive political change in our country by trying to create suspicions and doubts in the minds of potential supporters and members. One of their accusations was that EDP is unwilling to participate in the "all-party conference" that's currently being organized. Every city the EDP leaders were visiting, known EPRP members would make the same false accusations over and over again."
The So-called "Tegbar and its affiliates(ER/Elias and Merchaw)" are conducting a systematic campaign of disinformation which aims to undermine the credibility of the struggle, CUD, the leadership, and its supporters. Elias and his colleagues become enemies of CUD who introduce their personal interest, about the stability and ability of CUD leadership and the support group, to offer service and support the TPLF Regime. when it comes to "EDU", Elias just jumped at EPRP to defend his party position, but when it comes to CUD, he is just jumping up and down to campaign against CUD and its supporters.
"EDP went further than just expressing a willingness to participate in the "All Party Conference." Two weeks ago, the EDP chairman wrote a letter to the All Party Conference Organizing Committee asking if EDP representatives can participate in the Aug. 18 public meeting in Washington DC with Drs. Beyene Petros and Merera Gudina. Guess what the secretary of the Organizing Committee's response was. He said "NO." The secretary, who is the chief representative of EPRP in Washington DC, said that EDP cannot join SEPDC and ONC in the same forum. He made this decision without even consulting the other members of the committee, as I found out later. As the main sponsor of the All Party Conference, EPRP rejected the EDP chairman's request to join the leaders of SEPDC and ONC in a public forum in Washington DC this coming Sunday. What does this tell you? I now believe that the so-called "All-Party Conference" is an EPRP Trojan Horse intended to retard, if not attack and kill, EDP's movement."
I know I am wasting my time on every line of each paragraph trying to figure your skill out on Ethiopia situation and and the Ethiopians struggle over the Meles Regime. As I understood Elias and Elias's ego, It is a matter of focusing on accusing political organizations whether the political organisations have invited him for their meeting to interfere on their way or where their conference should be held by consulting Elias and his thugs. What a Crap?!!!
"Desperate that their tactic is not working, EPRP "strategists" are resorting to more lies and blatantly false stories, such as the report about the beating up and firing of EDP's executive secretary "for leaking information about power sharing negotiations between TPLF and EDP." I could not belive my ears when EPRP's Hibret Radio aired this completely false report a few weeks ago. They would not stop there! They then came up with another story about friction inside
the EDP leadership. This time, to give credibility to their story, they reported as news the expulsion of a few rank and file EDP members, which happened several
weeks ago. "
The former defendant of EDP becomes the current "accuser" of CUD. Sometimes it is hard to determine where Elias and his political stupidity ends and political provocation begins. Some of Elias articles go on to accuse the CUD of defaming him and his group by undertaking events of the political programs that he wants to set up for Ethiopians. the Articles end with a torrent of unflattering insults, which I will spare to professional vilifier - Elias Kifle .

...will continue

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