TPLF continues arresting Ethiopians.

Reliable sources in Ethiopia indicated that since the detention of the CUD party leaders, other opposition factions and private journalists, many other innocent civilians charged with assisting the recent student riots against the regime are being forced out from their residences and offi ces to undisclosed incarceration centers.
The sources further revealed that a great number of civilians have disappeared without a trace after prime minister of the TPLF regime Meles Zenawi’s threatening report to the Ethiopian parliament last month, disclosing that the government is fully aware of nationals that gave 100 to 80 birr to some and still 50 birr to others backing the student’s riots and via which bank the money was transferred to opposing citizens. Secondary School Students and teachers by the thousands have been pursued and incarcerated by TPLF forces in Addis Ababa and parts of Oromia province immediately after the TPLF prime minister’s deliberation in the Ethiopian parliament. Wealthy citizens have also been imprisoned charged with assisting financially the CUD party. Moreover, other nationals that have been excused have relocated to rural areas of the country and forced to live under the care of relatives in an effort to escape strict supervision from security forces in their residential quarters.

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