It is up to us, Ethiopians, to decide.

The United Nations, US, EU and western nations do not function to take the initiative to fix what is broken and to address the problems across Ethiopia. The western nations often consigned to take their direction from policies that they established to their vital interests in particular. There have been broken promises made by western to intervene the messy and so broad raging battles that killed and displaced many Ethiopians. In particular, the US have been engaged in a political process of Ethiopia for so many decades and didn't want to jump in, go beyond, and it could be absurd to expect that the US is willing to accomplish what it was preaching to resolve the differences of Ethiopian politics. The future of Ethiopia will remain bleak through the eyes of UN or US since US currently view no need to engage in Ethiopian nationals interest within Ethiopia.

The opposition leaders took the peaceful struggle to fix the broken political system that the TPLF Regime have drawn to hold power. TPLF is struggling to hold power for long but the oppositions took the initiative to address the corruption, human right violation and disorder which exist from top to the bottom of the TPLF cadres. The tyrannies are impotent to understand the meaning of human right. Meles/TPLF is overcrowding prisons with suffocating conditions that led to the deaths of too many innocent citizens. It sounds like the human right violations in Ethiopia is being ignored by International community that preaches to enshrine human rights and to indict the fundamental political, social and economic freedoms. No one, in Ethiopia, seems to have any freedom - neither political rights nor economic claims except the member of TPLF and its Cadres. Ethiopia is a nightmare with no end under Meles regime. Meles's trademark "ethnic violence" is the main doctrine of its policies and tradition throughout his domination of power for the last 15 years.

It is up to Ethiopia and Ethiopians to finally control the situations confronting their respective states before any damages occurs due to lack of respect of Meles Regime to Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Our country is a nation where there is a crackdown on political opponents and journalists. The constitution is always revised to hold power, to push the opposition out of the political field . Exploring the solution to our country should start right now so that we can find a loyal government that will respect the cultures of its own people and protect national structures

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