Gunshots terrorize Addis Ababa

Sounds of light and heavy artillery shots past midnight that is terrorizing and causing serious paranoia to innocent civilians are increasing in the capital. The situation that has aggravated from the 12th of February onwards also includes complete street black outs of some avenues and movements of vehicles carrying troops and heavy artillery.
Although reasons as to why heavy arms are being shot in the capital past midnight are still unknown, tangible sources disclose that members of the Police that have raised concerns over the delay of salaries are among those shooting.
Reports also indicated that similar disorder has been ongoing in areas of Gonder and its environs and that road networks to Armachew and Humara have been closed as a direct result. The reports further added that organized confrontations by the people cooperating with opposition forces to fi ght against the Tigrians are causing serious problems for the TPLF regime.

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