Freedom, Freedom, and Freedom

We, the freedom-loving people of Ethiopia, say with one voice to the whole world that we cherish the vision of a united, free Ethiopia based on the will of Ethiopians. We strive for the unity of all Ethiopians through united action against the evil Meles Zenawi, ethnically and all other form of exploitation. Ethiopians stand for a single non-racial unfragmented Ethiopia. Meles should stop all forms of oppression and exploitations. Ethiopians must stand for the creation of a true democracy in which all Ethiopians will participate in the government of Ethiopia.

The western world continues to excuse its inaction or indifference on the grounds that the Meles regime alone speaks for Ethiopia. There should have been a desperate need to break the vicious circle where violence creates more violence , and to seek peaceful solutions to Ethiopia's problems. Even the US government , whose stance remains a major source of strength for the racist and terrorist Meles Regime. The cycle of violence on the people of Ethiopia had begun long ago, unless it is reversed, there will be a lot of damage coming on the way. IMF and World Bank should be worried about their image unless there is a solution to stop the violence on the people of Ethiopia. An appropriate action must be taken for the support and encouragement that both the IMF and World Bank is giving to the dictator Meles Regime. At this moment, experts are expecting comprehensive program of sanctions against Meles - political, economic, and, above all, military. The western world do know that anti_Meles forces exist, inside Ethiopia, which stand for stability, peace, and progress. They should act now to support those political opponents. Without concerted, determined, undertaken to succeed actions, there will remain the certainties of disaster.

Freedom is the turning point in the struggle of Ethiopians against Meles Regime. Groups, like TPLF, played their theme of ethnicism to destroy the will of Ethiopians for the future generation. Ethiopia has to be rescued before TPLF ruins the whole country, generation and culture. Too much time is lost. Tyrants, dictators, and racist groups have been greed and stupid, and things as they now are, it is easy to forecast, Meles and his groups have brought more violence, misery and destruction to the whole wide region than ever before. Freedom is the goal. Freedom is the will. Freedom is the exception. The people of Ethiopia will bring its freedom no matter what and how it takes, the end of the story.

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