US remains idle in dictatorship in Ethiopia

Americans have ignored Ethiopia and they played a role on the country to be led by the rampant dictators for almost 50 years. The damage is higher than they will ever expect of it. I am sure there is, at least, some kind of plan they have already set up to improve the relationship between the frustrated freedom-seeking Ethiopians and the United States of America.
The United States of America must refuse to accept the killings, tortures and detentions of human beings who are involved in political movements in Ethiopia. Meles Zenawi have been indulging Bush Senior, Bill Clinton, Bush Junior and now Barack Obama to stay in power while the US changes its own politics whenever there is a change in power, from Republicans to Democrats and from Democrats to Republicans. The kind of change we are seeing in American politics makes us wonder why it is not established in American politicians mind that it is possible to try it in countries like Ethiopia.
The Situation in Africa could have been fixed if there would be the willingness to start from the least and basic democratical principles. But the Political and Regional Interest took the higher ground over despite all the conflicts that are created under those Regimes and Dictators are on high stake to control.
Ignoring the situation as if nothing is happening and Watching Obama with blood-thirsty dictators like Meles Zenawi on G-20 meeting really frustrates many Ethiopians inside and outside Ethiopia. What was that Obama demanding dictators like Meles? We don't know even if he spoke against those dictators in his inauguration speech.

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