Obama shall free Birtukan Midekesa

She is young, only 34 years old, and younger than Barack Obama. She is a single mother raising a 4-year-old daughter. Barack and Michelle Obama have 7-year-old Sasha and 10-year-old Malia, and It won't be a great day for both, the parents, to spend most of their time without any access to speak to their children.
Birtukan Midekesa is held in a confinement for speaking out the process of "The pardon of her imprisonment" for the 2005 election. Birtukan is a graduate in Law. She understands the Law more than those who use it as a weapon to attack, abuse, and confine innocent individuals. Practically, she knows her God-given freedom abiding the law of the land in her professional and ordinary life.
Her understanding of the Constitution had been the subject in her education so she can make an incredible decisions and a fair-shot in judgement to all citizens who had gotten to her court room.
The West have to work on protecting such an important figures who have done a great deal of work for those freedom-seeking human beings. USA won't fix her economic problem unless The US authorities watch their hand-outs, day and night, to build a relationship with those who do not have a respect for human-right, freedom of movement and freedom of speech. That is the reason why Meles Zenawi still keeps Birtukan Midekesa in a confinement.
It is a matter of demanding either for the release of Jailed-Politician or cut the affair between the Regime and the US government. It is so simple. The US will get the support of the people of Ethiopia in case Zenawi refuses to release Birtukan Midekesa. In fact, there was a Bill that had been sent to the Senate from congress and is waiting to go to the Senate floor. It could have basically been shaking the regime's attitude towards the political freedom in Ethiopia if it was to come out as a Senate focal point to shake things up in the Horn of Africa. Ohhh....Inhofe is in a Senate. Inhofe is still running Bush's Guantanamo agenda.
Anyways, Supporting Meles Zenawi is the same as supporting Taliban in Afghanistan or Sadam Hussein in Iraq. By the Way, Sadam is dead.
Obama can spice things up by mixing such virtuous humanly deeds with the Stimulus Package.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Obama should let Meles know that keeping Btukan in jail is unacceptable.
Let Brtukan be free!

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

save birtukan. Her voices are being heard across the world. we hear your cries. stay strong and continue fighting for your rights.

hearts out from south east asia

8:15 AM  

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