Just Hold On!

Obama promised to the world that Change is coming. He hasn't yet moved in to the white house and started braking his promises. Africans, including those Kenyans, should stop praising Obama as their own son without seeing him making a difference on crimes against humanity.
Many of American presidents made broken promises to the people of America. George Bush promised not to use the American army for nation building but now they are building a 10 Billion Dollars of Infrastructure inside Iraq. George Bush senior, in 1988 Republican convention, pledged not to tax the American people with his infamous phrase "Read my lips: no new taxes", but once he became a president, he raised several taxes to a part of a 1990 budget agreement with Congressional Democrats. Many of them promised to end wars, poverty, diseases, deficits, and economic instability but most of the promises are broken.
Obama is showing the sign of braking promises that has been rhetorically attracting many all over the world. The Obama president-elect is history-in-the making just because one bi-racial American whose skin color is black won the United States election of 2008. Now it became true that the Obama-on-transition is full of clintonians to run the power that he struggled to get for almost 2 years. The rhetorics and speeches feels like all filled with a lot of beautiful adjectives and pronouns.....to excite the ears that were punished by the speeches of George Bush The president.
What does Obama really change if he doesn't change himself and the field ? Does it mean that Democratic Party belongs to the Clintons?
It really is shocking to find the wife of Bill Clinton picked to be Secretary of state. Bill Clinton and Tony Blair have diminished the prospect of Democracy in Africa due to their lack of respect for the local people who really needed the political change. Bill Clinton's African progressive leaders have been engaged in killing, torturing, and assaulting inhumanly. Bill Clinton enjoyed his vacation time with these killers and thugs. They funnel funds to Clinton foundation through Businessmen, their Ambassadors and lobbyists in Washington DC.
Obama needs to wake himself up before he gives Hillary Clinton the Madam Secretary of State cabinet position. Bill Clinton's African progressive leaders(Dictators and thugs) are praying that Hillary holds the State Department number one position so that they can remain in power for longer. Africa needs change, and Africans do not need progressive thugs and killers.

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