the change that Africans believe in

Days have gone by since Obama became an elected president of the United States of America. It was and still is amazing and the-history-of-centuries in the United States of America that he just won the election and made the history in the United States where the true democracy can be found and overthrown(Democracy was overthrown by the Bush/Cheney administration).
Democracy won, on November 4, 2008. Obama broke the barriers that are set to dismantle the society due to the person's color of skin.
Obama is half Kenyan and half American through his parents. As much as he cares about America, and I hope, he cares about Africa where his father was born and raised even though he left him when Obama was 2 years old.
It is so easier for Obama to come up with 3 or 4 starting points to the problems that are facing Africans. The first question I expect of Obama to ask himself is why and where did the American policy on Africa go wrong in foreign policy to fail the dream of Africans to live in a peaceful and freedom continent. Does the American foreign agenda work with the reality on the ground? It has been noticeable the failure of the policies of previous Administrations on Africa. It is not a blame game that should be played on "Change we can believe in" but to move forward, we need to learn the-right-and-wrong policies of the previous American administrations.
The Rwanda genocide wouldn't have happened if Non-Africans wouldn't have played the dirty game of ethnicity. Somalia wouldn't be in this situation if the American government understands the culture of the people of Somalia and listens to the people and but not the warlords who are very rich and look down on their own people.
Too much political drama had had happened and many people were killed in Kenya in the name of election for those in power for the last 2 decades. Kibaki and Odinga were oppositions to Arap Moi government. Arap Moi killed and jailed many of supporters of kibaki's and Odinga's political organizations. After Arap Moi had given up his power and kibaki took over, there was the forgotten business between Kibaki and Odinga, which is killing supporters. There must be something devilish that makes African leader's craving to kill opposition political figures and the people who say NO to them.
Meles Zenawi, the buddy of George Bush, is known for killing innocent people in Ethiopia. He outsmarted Condoleezza Rice, big time, and the Republican Administration. After killing innocent people, he painted some kind of false accusations on the people that he made a decision on to be killed in a broad daylight. Isayas Afeworqi of Eritrea is ruling Eritreans the same way the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Il is leading North Koreans. Al-Bashir is killing innocent people in Darfur, they are dark Africans and they are not lighter enough to live in Sudan. The Northern Sudan rulers of Sudan are the most racist people that I have known in Africa. They do mostly mistreat the darker skin of Africans from South and South western of Sudan because the Northern Sudan relates their blood to the middle Eastern Arab side.
Yoweri Museveni of Uganda has been ruling Uganda for longer than 20 years since 1996. Regan was gone, Museveni is still in Power. Bush Senior was gone, Museveni is still in Power. Clinton was gone, Museveni is still in Power. Bush Junior is going, Museveni is still in Power. Is this an American foreign agenda on Africa? Africans still see many African rulers who held power through out their lives. Africans need change, big one.
Obama Administration should practice "Change that we can believe in" on the power mongers who believe that the American policy on Africa does not change at all. These power-mongers and dictators believe that they will develop a relationship while working together with Obama administration. These dictators go back to refer their doctrine how they were close to the previous US administrations, the Regan's, Bush's, Clinton's and then the Bush's. The African power-mongers do not expect any more change from Obama, and they want to slide in as they had done it with Regan, the 2 Bushes, and Clinton. Does Obama go through their way? Time will tell.
It would have been easier to be wiser, truthful and honest to any US policy makers to go beyond the policies that were laid to them to practice away from USA but Ignorance, untruthfulness and foolishness took them over to deny the standard humanity to the poor people of Africa.
US policy makers should stop favouritism. Americans can sit 2 opponents on the table, if they want to but there are times they over stretch their power to dig a big hole. Bush had lost African's respect due to stretching his power beyond his control. The power-mongers played him good on his own field. They put scary News in front of him to the years that he runs the white house. He mishandled Horn of Africa through his thug friends like Meles Zenawi, Yoweri Museveni, Somalian warlords, Ismail Omar Guelleh, Mohamud Adde Muse, Kibaki, and Al Bashir.

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