The advantage and disadvantage of American politics

In the positive side, The American politics has something spicy to ordinary citizens of the world. Right now, America is in critical situation as far as the two wars, the economy, and the financial inistutions are concerned, but one thing is hidden underneath the kitchen table which people are not interested to talking about outside their surroundings - The Race issue. It is a complicated issue for any politician to figure the solution out in order to come to a middle ground that will attract all Americans to speak their feelings out in a manner that can open a dialogue.

Have I noticed something wrong? yes. At a campaign in Cedarburg, Wisconsin on September 5, 2008, John McCain, his wife Cindy McCain and his running mate Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, It is not the America that Obama introduced to the world. Where was the mixture of America in Wisconsin?

The Obama skin color is really a factor for some white folks, who has still the old-times way of looking at the black skin colored human being as nothing but still nothing, to pick Obama as their choice for presidency. The Race Card is being played out on Obama especially from the begining of the RNC Convention which missed the real issues out from the stage where the Republicans can come up with something to fix all the problems the whole world is facing now. Of course, Obama should be attacked but not using Karl Rove's style of attacks that will diminish the integerity of a black man whose mother is white and who tries to clear the dark spot of the American past history "slavery".

Obama will not lose anything if he loses the presidency. He will be a popular human being, if he wants, away from the politics field which, in fact, stinks for someone who looks at the American politics from outside. Imagine how the world will react if the only Black senator, the first Black candidate for the presidency of the United States of America quit politics.

Polls after polls, people were asked about "experience" and "Values and Principles". What kind of inistitutes are these which conduct these issues in the 21st century? People are dying of War, Genocide, diseases, hunger and etc....Those should be an issue for them since they are human beings instead of worrying about values and experience. Global economics should have been the main agenda for the blue-color middle class people in America. In order to keep Jobs in America, products must be manufactured in America that says "Made in America" for export which has value in a global market.

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