Commrade Elias Kifle = Dictatorial tabloid Blogger

By Mulumebet Asfaw
The effort to democratize Ethiopia is not easy at all. Despite the fact that the opposition camp claims to aspire to demolish the monstrous tyranny of Meles Zenawi, there are many among his dissidents who have brought us nothing but division and rumour mongering. Like any ordinary citizen, I sometimes get confused and puzzled with the amount of information and disinformation tossed in cyber space to catch our attention, not only by Walta and Aiga but also the terribly mismanaged websites like the Ethiopian Review, Debteraw and Ethiolion. I will come back some other time with the issue of the two conduits of hatred and the extremism, Debteraw and Ethiolion. For now, allow me to deal with Elias Kifle, a miserably failed spin doctor.
Elias Kifle, dictatorial publisher par excellence of a tabloid website called Ethiopian Review, is destined to be a ruler. Sorry, I have already made a mistake. I mean, he is already an absolute ruler of Ethiopia's cyber space. Every single day he is churning out orders, edicts, laws and doctrines… for us, his hapless subjects who can't survive without his website.
Remember the emergency power he gave to Engineer Hailu Shawel; he ordered us to shun Dr. Berhanu Nega whom he once labelled a Weyane mole; he appointed Isaias Afeworki, Ethiopia's man of the year, he designated Bertukan Mediksa "lady liberty" and then demoted her to "lady surrender" because she rejected his uncalled for advice to wage armed struggle; he called ONLF's slaughter of innocent labourer's and Chinese miners an act of heroism; he called for the dissolution of the newly formed Andinet party and ordered us again to give an unflinching support to Dr Berhanu Nega's Ginbot 7 because he happens to be a lieutenant; he demonized Dr Taye Woldesemait for exercising his right of joining a political group of his choice; he has the audacity to urge us to pack up and join an armed struggle under the leadership of his man of the year Isaias Afewerki; he delivered the heartbreaking news to us, with no regard to his loved ones, that Professor Mesfin Woldemariam died in jail; that proven wrong he is now trying to bury the dear professor alive by calling him to leave politics to his likes…. As no time and space will allow me to list down the orders, edicts, laws, insults, slanders, blackmails and tantrums that Elias Kifle produces with utmost passion, let me stop the listing here and try to examine the underlying motive of the author of all such travesties.
Elias Kifle has started too many projects but usually ends up in conflict with anyone who ventured to work with him. He is a very bold man, ain awta as his website reveals, being sensational, emotional, judgmental, and even worse, dictatorial.
Anyone with his right mind won't dare to tell Ethiopian to form an alliance with Isaias Afeworki, author of Ethiopia's demise. It is quite obvious that even Meles Zenawi would not have made it to the helm of power without the Godfather of ethnic politics. What good has Afeworki done to be shortlisted as ER's man of the millennium? Is it for the blood letting, the misery, the dictatorship, the mafia crimes or for land locking Ethiopia with the full support of the treasonous tyrant? As the facts on the ground tell us, Isaias is a dictator who committed so much crimes and bloodbath only to set up his own empire where he is the law, the constitution, the parliament, the army… and everything. There isn't even freedom to worship the Almighty as he wants to be the only supreme power that must be worshiped in Eritrea. The Eritrean tyrant must be pleased to see our own liberator, Elias Kifle, joining the church of Afewerki worshipers. Yes, Elias has a right to join any church but it offends so many to publicly pester and bully Ethiopians to join Afewerki's church that has a declared aim of liberating Ethiopia. No, thank you!
Anyone with his sanity intact won't have the audacity to tell Professor Mesfin Woldemariam, a lifetime freedom fighter, to leave politics, the struggle for justice, freedom and democracy. Where is the decency? Where is the common sense? Where is the desire for justice? I was shocked to read Elias's scribbling like a naughty school child that enjoys defacing a good desk or a toilet wall: "The current visit to the U.S. by Ethiopia's distinguished scholar and human rights activist Professor Mesfin Woldemariam has one mission: To preach to Ethiopians in the Diaspora NOT to support all-inclusive struggles to defeat the Meles fascist regime in Ethiopia and instead to start preparing for the 2010 elections. It is a mission to disarm the people of Ethiopia and make us all spineless people who do not stand up and defend ourselves." [ER, July 10, 2008]
The outrage did not stop there. It becomes boundless when Mr Elias pours insult: "Dear Professor, you are a great scholar in the field of geography. You are a respected human rights advocate. Please stick to those fields. Leave the politics to those who know the kind of language Woyanne thugs understand…" Such is an example of cyber terrorism that Mr Elias wants to commit. Assaulting and damaging anyone who do not subscribe to his views is his trademark.
On so many occasions, Elias Kifle has declared that he is struggling to bring about democracy, justice, freedom and equality in Ethiopia. As Ghandi has once advised us: "You must be the change you wish the world to be." If one aspires to bring about democracy that person must be a democrat who does not dictate the destiny of others. If one wants to bring about freedom that person must know what freedom entails and must allow others to live in liberty without any fear of his cyber blackmailing, holding any views and making any choices without infringing on the rights of others. In the same manner, anyone who declares to bring us justice has to desist from committing injustice. All the evidence from Elias cyber trails is damning. Elias tries to destroy others using his WMD [Website of Mass Destruction] unjustly.
Let me conclude by referring to Elias Kifle's spin again. Here are the winners of ER's person of the year in 2007: "Alemayehu Gebre Mariam, Berhanu Nega [ER had named him a Weyane spy], Bertukan Mideksa [lady liberty now undeservedly named by Elias as "lady surrender"], Daud Ebsa [OLF leader with a secessionist agenda], Isaias Afeworki [an architect of Ethiopia's turmoil, but now Mr Kifle's Godfather of liberty].
Here are those who won the ER vote for "harming Ethiopia the most". Take note of the interesting voting tally! Hailu Shawel [60%], Meles Zenawi [36%], Taye Woldesemayat [11%], Iyasu Alemahu of toothless EPRP [4%], Jenday Fraser, an employee of George Bush [7%].
There are many who think that Elias is a fighter, fighting for Ethiopia. But what I am witnessing is a confused man fighting with himself…not for democracy or anything to that effect. He is a dictator in the making that I would not allow to dictate me what to do and choose. If ER wants to be a credible source information, the owner must stop giving orders to Ethiopians what to do, what to wear, eat, believe or worship. In all honesty, the reason I sometimes visit ER is just to see watch a shallow spin doctor called Elias Kifle making a fool of himself. Nothing else!


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