Zenawi is selling Ethiopian lands to neghbouring countries.

Here we go again News from Djibouti.
"The president, Ismail Omar Guelleh, has returned to the capital yesterday after a working visit to Ethiopia in 48 hours. The purpose of his stay in Addis Ababa focused on the formal concession of arable land with an area of five hectares, from the Ethiopian authorities.
The field, located Baaleh in the Oromo region, should serve the wheat crop. It should be noted that the allocation of arable land Baaleh completes the acquisition of an earlier batch of 2000 hectares in Gadaref in Sudan. Remember also that soil Gadaref have produced five hundred tons of sorghum that Djibouti has recently approved.
In short, both concessions are part of a government strategy adopted in 2005 aimed at meeting the challenge of food security in the country. The objective remains more than ever a national priority insofar as the price of basic food commodities have experienced successive increases over the past months."

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