Indulging An Adopted Ethiopian child to kill H.R. 2003

Mr. INHOFE : the House of Representatives has recently passed the Ethiopian Democracy and Accountability Act of 2007, H.R. 2003. Although this legislation states that its purpose is to encourage and facilitate the consolidation of democracy and security in Ethiopia--words right out of the resolution--in reality it focuses on the shortcomings, on the problems that they face, and not on the successes the country has made.
H.R. 2003 ACT is all about encouraging and facilitating the consolidation of peace and security, respect for human rights, democracy, and economic freedom in Ethiopia. Where in Ethiopia had the gentleman Senator from Oklahoma gone to? May be in Addis Ababa with his security guards, the regime's security officers and cadres. Has he be able to speak the regular Ethiopian citizens who are hurt the most under the current Meles Regime? The senator from Oklahoma is irresponsible standing by the regime with so little regard for its citizens. The regime did not hesitate to increase the suffering of the people of Ethiopia by denying them - the advancement of human rights, democracy, independence of the judiciary, freedom of the press, peacekeeping capacity building, and economic development (H.R. 2003 SEC. 2. 1). What is wrong with respecting Human rights and democracy? The senator should deeply care about Ethiopia and he should spend more time on reading the regime's human rights report from United States of America State department of Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor, the lack of democracy and the dictatorial government of Meles that is holding power for more than 16 years.
Mr. INHOFE: Ethiopia takes great pride in being the oldest independent country in Africa. It continues to be a close friend of the United States, a strong ally in the war on terrorism in the Horn of Africa. I have to say that this is significant because if you kind of use your mental map of northeastern Africa and you think about the terrorist activity that has taken place in the Middle East and how it is now coming down through the Horn of Africa, through Djibouti and that area into the Uganda-Ethiopia area, it is a very significant area right now.
In short, The Senator should have awarded Ethiopians a "Thank You" for being the true lasting friends of America in the war on terrorism but not the dictatorial regime. One thing the Senator missed out in his statement is that as much as he loves his liberty in the Senate, the people of Ethiopia deserve to have independence of the judiciary in Ethiopia.

Mr. INHOFE:Now, as many of you know, I have had quite an extensive background in Africa. I think I am safe to say that I have been to Africa more than any Senator in the history of America. I have been really tied to that continent and recognize the significance in the future of our country as well as their country. It is an area of strategic importance globally to this Nation.

Yes, It is a fact that Ethiopia has a strategic importance to America, but still Ethiopians' liberty should be respected as is Senator Inhofe's liberty respected in the United States of America.
Mr. INHOFE:I have traveled to the country on several occasions, both on my own and as a Member of the Senate and the House. A short while ago, I was there with Congressman Boozman from Arkansas. Throughout my travels in the region, I have met and developed friendships with many political and religious leaders.
In Addis 6 years ago, we found a little baby. The little baby was 3 days old. The baby was almost dead. It was not unusual. In some countries in Africa, they throw away mostly young baby girls. Then after about 3 days, when they die, the dogs get them. We were there before the dogs got there. I have 20 kids and grand kids of whom I am very proud. My daughter Molly had nothing but boys. She always wanted a girl. So we were able to take this little girl from Ethiopia and nurse her back to health. She had several very close calls. She is healthy and has now been here in the United States and is my adopted granddaughter. Her name is Zegita Marie, which is a very common name in Ethiopia. I say that because I do want to impress upon this group that I know something about Ethiopia. I know something about its background. I know something about its significance to our safety.
Of course, a United States Senator can easily develop a friendship with political and religious leaders in any African country where there is a "welcome" sign in the entry door but developing a friendship with 77 million Ethiopian population takes a lot of guts and understandings and it is amazing and surprising to hear that an American Senator from Oklahoma found a little baby girl who was almost dead, who is only 3 days old, from Addis. It was not unusual for Mr. Inhofe that parents are throwing their daughters away in some African countries. His statement should seriously be seen to show the true picture that Ethiopian women under Meles dictatorial regime are not be able to raise their child for three days. So where is "the success" story that the senator came up with in the beginning of his statement ? Where in Addis did the Senator see the dogs eating little girls? whose "dogs" are those that do eat human fleshes? Mr. Inhofe's daughter, Molly, adopted Zegita Marie not because her Adopted Grandfather, Mr. Inhofe, can walk around in the street of Addis chasing those "dogs" away, which are after little baby girls, but Mr. Inhofe's daughter, Molly, has only boys, not girls. Simply, Zimeta got adopted for a reason much more understandable than what the Senator from Oklahoma had intended to express his view on what is happening on little baby girls in Africa.
Mr. INHOFE: In Ethiopia, recently, I met with Prime Minister Meles, his wife. I met with members of the Parliament and with all the individuals there who are trying to do a good job. While there, I saw firsthand their democratic progress and commitment in fighting terrorism. Although I appreciate the increased attention being given to Africa, particularly Ethiopia, I believe the bill is misguided and takes the wrong approach by placing demands on a friend and ally that has made obvious advancements in democracy and human rights. While I continue to agree that the violence and intimidation that took place after the 2005 election was an unnecessary use of excessive force, the Government of Ethiopia has taken significant steps again to regain a democratic process that is fair and respectful of human rights.
Mr. Inhofe may or may not understand the true interpretation of democratic progress in Ethiopia. Meeting Meles Zenawi and the members of Kangaroo Parliament doesn't mean that Ethiopia is not into an era of repression, suspicion, and an atmosphere of fear. Zenawi's democracy is only on paper if that is what we call "democratic progress". In fighting terrorism, the bill says "collaborate with Ethiopia in the Global War on Terror."(SEC. 2.5). Under the cover of fighting terrorism, Manufacturing Phantom terrorists and buying the way to the corridors of power in the white House or Capitol Hill using donors' funds should be stopped in order to bring the democratic progress.
Mr. INHOFE: On July 20, 2007, following convictions and sentencing, 38 opposition leaders were granted full pardons. All remaining members of the opposition were pardoned and released on August 18, 2007. Since these events, reforms have been made in the election process. So often we use America as a standard by which to measure democracy in other countries. It is the same problem we have in the Middle East. People say they are not reaching the goals we want them to reach, having a democracy in Iraq. Why would they? It took this country several years to come up with a democracy. Why should they be able to do it?
There are still thousands of political prisoners detained in different parts of the country where only members of Meles Spy Agency know the exact addresses. Detaining and releasing prisoners can not be the procedure that the American Constitution offers to the American government to do if an American opposes the political process in America. The Standard of Democracy is Freedom and Justice no matter how it is being interpreted in Washington DC. . Why would they reach to the goals that the Senator wants them to reach? Oh...Ethiopians sure do need to reach to those democratic principles as long as the estabilishment of Democracy is not measured with the Democracy in America. The brutal Meles Regime didn't take too long to come up with the word "democracy" because the West donors have been willing to transfer over 20 Billions of Dollars in the name of the poor people and the ruling party cares more for all the major enterprises to keep the the ruling dictatorship regime in power. H.R. 2003 (sec. a-1,2,3 and B) would assit the Meles Regime so that they should be able to reach the goals not only the Democratic Processes that the people of Ethiopia demands but also the principles of Democracy in Ethiopia that the Americans want to reach to .
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