EHRCO Nominated for the Martin Ennals Award
Ethiopian Human Rights Council (EHRCO) has been selected as one of the five nominees for the Martin Ennals Award for Human Rights Defenders. The news came out in a Press Release issued on 16th April 2007. The names of the other candidates as well as those of the jury members are available on the award's official website: The winning laureate will be announced on 4th of May 2007.
Let us all write expeditiously to each of the jury members pointing out the sacrifices made by EHRCO and its members/leaders (including Prof. Mesfin, Assefa Maru, Yared, Cherinet, etc.) as well as the specific contributions of EHRCO in exposing the human rights violations in Ethiopia and drawing the attention of the Ethiopian public and the international community to the plight of innocent people who have been victims. Please point out in particular the fact that EHRCO is the only indigenous human rights defender that has been monitoring, investigating and reporting on HR violations regularly since 1991, despite enormous challenges, ranging from arbitrary detention to beating, killing, forced dislocation and exile of its officers. Details of EHRCO’s investigations and reports are available on the EHRCO website, Please also ask other human rights organisations and public figures sympathetic to EHRCO’s cause to do likewise since this award is very important for EHRCO's international stature and credibility.


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