Death Sentence beckons Prisoners of Conscious

The court in charge of the treason and genocide trial of kinijit(CUDP) leaders, civil society members and independent journalists has today rules that all council members of kinijit including Hailu Shawel, Brehanu Nega and Birtukan Mideksa should defend their case in the treason charge.
The court ruled that the council’s decision has a direct cause and effect relationship with the June 8 and November one disturbances. It also ruled that the prosecutor has produced sufficient evidence to prove that they have committed treason.
The leaders have previously decided not to defend the case. If they stick to their previous decision, it means they will be sentenced for committing treason soon The crime of treason carries a death sentence or severe imprisonment in Ethiopian law.
The following are ordered to defend themselves
Ato Hailu Shawel, Chairman
Wzr Birtukan Mideksa, Vice-Chair
Ato Muluneh Eyuel, CUD Secretary General
Dr Befekadu Degifie, Head of Finance
Dr Yacob Hailemariam, Head of External Affairs
Ato Gizachew Shiferaw, Head of Public Relations
Ato Sileshi Tena
Ato Abayneh Berhanu
Ato Andualem Aragie
Ato Aschalew Ketema
Ato Assefa Habteweld
Dr Berhanu Nega, Mayor of Addis Ababa
Ato Brook Kebede
Ato Bedru Adem, Member of Parliament
Ato Debebe Eshetu
Dr Hailu Araya, Member of Parliament
Ato Gebretsadik Hailemariam
Shaleqa Getachew Mengiste
Wzr Nigist G/Hiwot
Dr Tadios Bogale, Member of Parliament
Ato Tamrat Tarekegn
Ato Yeneneh Mulat
Ato Mesfin Aman

The court will rule on other defendants tomorrow

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