3 Detained Ethiopian Teachers released

Press Release: International Trade Union Federation
Brussels, 4 April 2007 (Brussels, ITUC Online): The ITUC welcomes the release of three elected officers of the Ethiopian Teachers Association (ETA) detained since December 2006. Tilahun Ayalew, Meqcha Mengistu and Antenech Getenet have been arrested, detained and tortured by the police for the last three months.
The three teachers never received any explanation regarding their arrest. During the time they spent in prison, they were tortured in an attempt to make them confess that the ETA was supporting a rebel opposition front. A massive urgent action appeal was launched on 4 January 2007. Education International (EI) affiliates and others organizations responded overwhelmingly to this appeal. This Solidarity clearly made a difference in the development of the events.
"Even as we welcome the development of this event, we remain concerned about the violation of trade union rights in the country" said Guy Ryder, ITUC General Secretary. "The authorities must put en end to this intolerable situation" he added.

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