Ethiopians in London at the USA Embassy

By Wondimu Mekonnen
Hash! Make no sound!
They will be back again in court,
Shackled, gagged and bound;
under menacing guards escort.
Kalashnikov in one hand, grenade in the other;
to kill, to maim or to cause fatal wound.
Freeze! Don't move! Agaazi warn the prisoners;
Condemned to serve time, for an invented crime.

On the eve before the Woyyane dictators drag the elected leaders of Ethiopia, journalists and human rights activists from pest infested dusty dirty Qaliti prison to the Kangaroo court, yet for another boring never ending drama, Ethiopians in London went to the USA Embassy on 22 March 2007 to express their fury at the silence of the USA authority to the plight the victims. Never mind about the silence and double standard of the USA authorities, Ethiopians in London were infuriated by leaked news from the European Union that The USA has been behind the lobby on behalf of the Woyyane for the release of the suspended aid money. It is ironical that the USA Government is claiming to hold a morale high ground to raise its voice above everybody else against the abuse of a Zimbabwean opposition leader by President Mugabe’s soldiers while keeping completely quiet about the confirmed 193 killings of innocent Ethiopians by Meles Zenawi’s Murder Squad, the illegal detention of the cream of the crop of Ethiopian elites for no apparent crime, apart from winning election and writing the truth.
The fury of Ethiopians living in London reached climax at the news that now the USA is actively standing up to promote Woyyane. Meles has nominated himself as mercenary to serve the interest of the USA, but Ethiopians were warning that when this hated regime will eventually be removed, be it peacefully or by another means, The USA will be left alone to face angry and betrayed people of Ethiopian. Mind you, Ethiopians are not asking the United States to roam in their tanks into Addis Ababa and free Ethiopians from Woyyane. Ethiopians are capable of freeing themselves from tyranny. All they are asking the USA and the UK is to stop supporting the despotic tyrant in Ethiopia by providing, financial, diplomatic and military aid.
Ethiopians clearly sent their message to President Bush through the USA Embassy in London the fact that governments come and go, the regime of Meles Zenawi will definitely go, but the Ethiopian people will remain will remain for ever. Unless the USA changes its policy of double standard Ethiopia after Zenawi will be holding the USA for its suffering of today. The Government that claims to be the champion of freedom and democracy must stand tall put its action where its mouth is. In fact, Ethiopians were shouting at the USA Embassy in London, “You claim to sand with democracy and Freedom. Show us the beef!”
The presidency time of President Bush is coming to an end. Therefore, Ethiopians in London were asked President Bush through the USA in Embassy in London, what his legacy would be in Africa, particularly in Ethiopia long after he is gone. Would it be justice or injustice? Would it be tyranny or freedom, democracy or dictatorship? They left the choice to him. In order to be remembered for good things rather than the bad ones, they hoped he would wake up and avert the gross miscarriage of justice that have been twisted perpetrated by the regime of Meles Zenawi in Ethiopia. Therefore, they sent the message to President Bush to speak out loudly and clearly in support of justice in Ethiopia. They urged him to act now; otherwise, if the detained leadership of the opposition and journalists are convicted wrongly, it would die all together.
It is interesting to note that it has been only on 06 March 2007 that from the US Department of State “Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor” released “Country Reports on Human Rights Practices 2006. The report clearly stated that:“Human rights abuses reported during the year included: limitation on citizens' right to change their government during the most recent elections; unlawful killings, and beating, abuse, and mistreatment of detainees and opposition supporters by security forces; poor prison conditions; arbitrary arrest and detention, particularly those suspected of sympathizing with or being members of the opposition; detention of thousands without charge and lengthy pretrial detention; infringement on citizens' privacy rights and frequent refusal to follow the law regarding search warrants; restrictions on freedom of the press; arrest, detention, and harassment of journalists for publishing articles critical of the government; restrictions on freedom of assembly; limitations on freedom of association; violence and societal discrimination against women and abuse of children”The London demonstrators were asking whether the above statements were meant for real or simply lip serve. How come the President who claimed to stand with those who fight for liberty and freedom went silent on gross violation of human rights in Ethiopia? The question was also for Condoleezza Rice, who has been seen promoting the good image of the USA to the world as the champion of freedom and democracy but went mum when it came to Ethiopia.
The Ethiopians vowed never to give up their struggle for democracy and justice! This was accompanied by the usual songs of defiance and commitment for struggle until justice prevails in their country. Again, lead by the professional singer in London, Genet Sissay, popularly known in London as “Hirut Bekele” they sung “Ethiopia Hagere” (Ethiopia my Country), and “Tekebresh Yenorshiw babatochachin dem” – (Your honor that was safeguarded by the blood of our ancestors). The rally at the US Embassy in London that started at 03:00 in the afternoon came to a conclusion at 6:30 in the evening with a thank you speech from Ato Hailemariam Legesse, one of the organizers. Ethiopians went home with a vow to come together again in few days to fight on until justice is one.
The struggle continues!
The Ethiopians shall triumph!

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