Ethiopian Political Prisoner tortured to death

A Prisoner of Conscious, a Gonder resident and X-ray technician, Tsegaye Ayele, died due to a sever torture in the custody of Federal Police at the Maekelawi Prison, in the capital City, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.
He was abducted, taken to a prison in Gonder region, and transferred to Maekelawi Prison in Addis Ababa in connection with suspected involvement with the opposition political party, CUDP.
According to Ethio-Zagol, Mr. Tsegaye Ayele was under special care in Ras Desta Damtew Hospital due to severe injuries and serious damage to his brain. He was beaten so badly that he suffered a brain hemorrhage and lapsed into a coma, and hospitalized last month.

This is no longer an Ethiopian internal affair, it is international crime and It has got to stop. It will remain all international authorities' responsibility to further investigate and demand Human Rights in Ethiopia.
If this is how the Meles Regime deals with Ethiopians who are opposing his politics and criminal super-ego, then we have over 77 Million Ethiopians in fear.

Mr. Tsegaye Ayele participated in politics and ended up dead. Currently, Tens of thousands of Political prisoners are suffering in different parts of the country prisons and It will be our strong suggestion to the International Diplomatic Corps to sever their relations with Meles Regime on the ground of abuse of human rights in Ethiopia.

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