A time to boycott

by untouchable_9
Let's not these evil pettifoggers, TPLF Cadres and people like Andrew Heavens, put our generation into slavery without a fight. The shameless TPLF agents behind Meles's terrorism ideology are very ruthless, very selfish, and very arrogant. The time to start preparing ourselves was yesterday, however, it is better late than never so let's start today and then take action. We must try to become almost completely self-sufficient and willing to tolerate difficult circumstances.Otherwise, we will have to start teaching the next coming generation how to kneel on their knees and beg for their freedom, or how to be good servants for TPLF agents and cadres. We must pinch every energy and penny to fund the struggle for fight against TPLF.
Meles and his cadres are stealing the wealth and money of Ethiopia from the people of Ethiopia, and they know the people already found out who the TPLFs are, where they are hiding the stolen money, and how much stolen wealth they own. Ethiopians do know who the TPLFs are but TPLFs haven't known Ethiopians yet, at least for now and they may later. What Meles and his puppets have done, and are planning on doing, is a treason by itself. They should be either put in prison for a very long time or exiled out of Ethiopia. From the day true Ethiopians are in control of Ethiopia, it won't be easy to hold Meles accountable for the killings and treasonous crimes, however, For now, time is on the killers side but The TPLF leaders and his cadres know that they won't have no one to save them because there are a lot more of Ethiopians than there are of Woyanes.
Teaching and motivating "innocent" Ethiopians in Diaspora by our own actions is the best way to get them involved in the struggle to fight Meles. The Diaspora should use the proven methods of struggle to see a primary change through our own actions and we should first start by boycotting and civil disobedience. Acting on these two methods, we will gain additional impacts in the fight against Meles, and we will succeed in a long run. At the very least, our actions will make the Meles Regime ball game in an international field a bitter one.
We can start holding Meles Ambassadors and diplomats accountable by badgering them. We need to start badgering and verbally berating Meles, his diplomatic personnel, and his Cadres at every opportunity. Every time they appear in a public places, we need to get right in their faces unloading on them verbally.
  • Don't stop.
  • Don't back down.
  • Don't allow a response from any of these baby killers.
  • Make them to run and hide.
  • Make them want to strike you in anger.

Don't touch them physically or don't threaten them with physical harm in any way. If you do, you will be arrested for assault, and that will not help our cause.

  • We should let them know that we are no longer going to tolerate their crime.
  • We should let them know that Ethiopians are not going to allow them to undermine our freedom and rights.
  • We should let them know that they can no longer kill any more innocent people using AGazi Army as their cat's-paw.
  • Staying on the message and repeating our boycott as often as possible will bring the result we are looking for.
  • Start communicating with your fellow Ethiopians to support the struggle.

We need to start boycotting the businesses that fund TPLF and that is being funded by TPLF, and we must go beyond not buying their products. Boycotts will cut deeply TPLF funded Company's profits and their revenues will drop quicker than ever. Boycotts will send owners of TPLF funded businesses running away from the hands of Meles.
Do not forget:

  • Do NOT buy or wear any TPLF products.
  • Do NOT watch or attend any events called by TPLF.
  • Do NOT watch TPLF funded TVs.
  • Do NOT listen TPLF funded Radios.
  • Avoid shopping at the TPLF funded stores.
  • Spend more time reading on the situation in Ethiopia.
  • We should try to avoid buying anything from TPLF funded stores, avoid eating at the TPLF funded restaurants.
  • we should recommend only shopping and eating at the colleague's businesses. Do not buy golds from Ethiopia.
  • Do not buy lands in Ethiopia. Stop building houses in Ethiopia because the lands you are buying are stolen from the poor Ethiopians and the money is going to TPLF cadre's pocket.

Effective boycotts might be enough to eliminate TPLF, but to make them truly effective we must be prepared to sacrifice many of our current habits, investments and enjoyments. Tighten your belts, and clear your minds. Remember, the reward we seek is not for ourselves, but is for future generations of Ethiopians.

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