Pregnant woman gives birth in Ethiopia prison

Reports from the Ogaden Online reporter in the provincial city of Jig Jiga, Ogaden confirm that an illegally detained, pregnant woman, Samsam Farax Dawaare has given birth in the Jig Jiga prison. Samsam is reported to have been severely tortured in detention for the past six months.
It is reported that the Ethiopian militia controlling the prison refused any medical care for the pregnant woman who has since gave birth. Eyewitnesses and close relatives of Samsam confirm that she was detained on September 9, 2006.
The illegally detained woman has at one time been held in a prison known as Habaano, which is well known throughout Ethiopia for extreme forms of torture and extra judicial killings.
Samsam was recently brought before a provincial courts which found her not guilty of any crimes however the kangaroo court did not order the immediate release of the severely tortured pregnant woman.
Eyewitnesses within the Jig Jiga prison told our reporter that Samsam and her new born are still in detention with neither medical attention nor the provision of healthy foods for her to help with breastfeeding.

Source: Ogaden Online

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