Some people are less equal than others

By Ayalew North West
Of course all people are equal
But some people like asylum seekers are less equal than others
You are a person liable to detention
If you complain you will now be a person liable to removal
Who asked you to come here after all?
Of course we care
If there is oil
You may not enter employment, paid or unpaid, or engage in any business or profession
You must report to an immigration officer
If you want ask George Orwell
That all people are equal
Only asylum seekers can survive a £5/day existence
Having a plastic card denying the right to work and travel
Therefore, in this particular instance
Asylum Seekers are more equal than others
You criticized your authorities for mowing down
Students, intellectuals and children
But we call that over-reaction
If you now begin to criticize us
Be careful
You are a person liable to be detained
All's well that ends with removal
You want us to condemn your man
Unfortunately, we can't do that
It is not only a matter of diplomacy
It is also a matter of interest
What democracy?
This is democracy
He keeps our interest
The man is our ally
He does the job very well
What do you mean?
You claimed asylum
We detained you
Your man pleases us
We please him
What is the problem?
We don't know you
We know there are some rotten eggs inside the box
Hence we treat all the eggs alike
Since the healthy eggs cause no problem to us
We may even like to treat the rotten ones with more care and support
You may think it is like the concentration camp
You are a German but since you are a Jew
You are less German than others
You fell short below the Aryan race
You compare the Gestapo with the immigration police of the Home Office?
Absolute Nonsense!
What do we have for you this Christmas?
Leave not to sign in until the holidays pass
Merry Christmas
Then this Christmas all people will nearly be equal

Lamentation of an Ethiopian Asylum Seeker in Liverpool.

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