Ethiopians in Diaspora should boycott traveling to Ethiopia

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TPLF has been targeting the Ethiopian Diaspora investment in Ethiopia in the name of boosting the ailing economy of Ethiopia, and has been encouraging Ethiopians in Diaspora to visit their homeland so one of the major source of foreign funds will be an open source of income to the Tyranny Regime.
The Meles Regime has been easing Visa, travel restrictions, and has declared "Ethio-Millennium”, with a target of over 750,000 Diaspora visitors to the country. Travelers to Ethiopia are indirectly supporting the TPLF and Meles Regime and his dictatorship simply through their presence in the country. Regardless of the attitude of the traveler or the method of travel adopted, most of the amount of foreign exchange will end up in the Meles and co. hands, whether it is through hotels, Car rentals, transportations, and the use of Ethiopian Airlines or fees for visas and entrances. Traveling to Ethiopia at this moment also gives legitimacy to The Meles Regime to stay in power with its harsh dictatorship.
Ethiopia is ruled by a Guerrilla militant dictatorship known as the Tigray People’s Liberation Front, or TPLF that has fought the Derg Military Regime for almost 20 years to liberate the Northern Part of Ethiopia, Tigray, from the rest of Ethiopia. For a period of more than 15 years of Meles and co. dictatorship rule in Ethiopia, the economy steadily declined and the people of Ethiopia was cut off from the rest of the world because of the main-players, US and UK, are protecting their dear “son” Meles to kill, jail, and harass the people of Ethiopia.
In 2005, the people of Ethiopia held public demonstrations against the Meles Regime, demanding democracy and the upholding of basic human rights. The response of the Agazi army was swift and brutal, with an estimated 400 people being killed throughout the country in a crackdown against the 2005 rigged Election protest.
CUDP leaders, who have emerged as the democratic opposition, have been jailed for almost two years in Qaliti. However the Coalition for United Democracy Party managed to win in a general election held in May 2005, the party regional leaders and supporters and Human Right advocates are sent to prisons all over the country jails and they do still remain in imprisonment. The political situation would have been stabilized with the release of all prisoners despite TPLF and The Meles Gang refused to hand over the power to the elected leaders and candidates, and TPLF is still in power today repressing the people of Ethiopia, without the basic human right, freedom of speech. Releasing all political prisoners, the oppositions, journalists, and human right advocates is always a positive step towards a move to democracy, but The Meles Regime is never willing to pay attention on what people is looking for in order to move forward and the repression of free speech and other human rights in Ethiopia continues.
The record of TPLF is atrocious and unarguable - the facts listed above are ample demonstration of this. It is not debatable that a boycott by the Ethiopians in Diaspora for “Ethiopian millennium” celebration is the best way to protest against the Meles regime and the boycott will assist the people of Ethiopia in the struggle for democracy. Our own boycott of such an anti-Ethiopia celebration under the name of “Ethiopia” will help to get rid of Meles and will benefit in installing democracy in Ethiopia. The ordinary people of Ethiopia will neither get a loaf of bread out of the TPLF's “Ethiopian Millennium” celebration nor decrease the expensive living standard in Ethiopia, while the corrupt Meles regime which is the subject of protests continue in power.
A boycott on investment in Ethiopia and a travel to Ethiopia by Ethiopians in Diaspora would put TPLF isolated from the Diaspora Ethiopian community once again.

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