United Kingdom: Stop the deportation of Dr Minutet Menjeta

Many of you will know Dr Minutet Menjeta, who has been living and volunteering in Liverpool since August 2000. Minutet came to the UK to study for a Masters Degree at the school of tropical medicine on the heels of the production of a groundbreaking report for the International Atomic Energy Agency.
Despite her highly skilled status, and the situation in her home country of Ethiopia, despite the fact that the Home Office have lost her passport and have been unable to keep all evidences in the same place for long enough to consider either her asylum case or her application for the Highly Skilled Migrant Workers programme, Minutet was detained this morning, and has had removal dates set for this Monday 4th December. We must act quickly to halt this deportation.
The Home Office have made myriad admissions of incompetance of their appraisal of Minutet's case, yet they steadfastly refuse to give either evidence or justification for their decisions. Minutet is currently awaiting a response from the Parliamentary Ombudsman who are looking into the way in which the Home Office dealt with her case.
Minutet has been destitute since 2003, and despite the massive strain she is under remains an active and dignified lady. Minutet has volunteered her academic skills to carry out lung cancer research at the University of Liverpool and the Glaxo Neurological Centre, and also works on the Asylum Link allotment plot. It is not fair that after 6 years, including 3 years of living in unnecessary destitution Minutet should be returned without being properly informed of why both of her applications have been unsuccessful.
Minutet is a highly skilled academic who would be an asset to the UK.
We are asking you to fax letters of support for Dr Minutet Minjeta Nima, HO Ref. HSMP 007655 to Liam Byrne, stating that you wish to see the government review her case, and to Ethiopian Airways, asking them to refuse to comply with this forcable and unjust deportation. Contact details below:

Liam Byrne, Minister of State for Immigration: Fax 02070 35 4745
Ethiopian Airlines: Fax +251-11-661 1474

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