by Nunya
I am so incredibly tired of hearing, and reading, about the United States and its OVERWHELMING generosity to so many foreign nations. We donate money and food to the countries we are at war with! To other countries that HATE us! Communist nations - Terrorist nations - Uncivilized people.
Some say we send aid to countries out of fear of future war with them - and im not just talking about North Korea.
An AWFULLY complex subject of course, and i wonder if all Americans are as diverse in their thoughts. I see these people on the news - and OF COURSE i want to see help get to them, could never stand to see a child starve. BUT THEN i get mad at the whole country when i hear of the manner in which they liver and/or some of their beliefs. I'm not talking about "Eww look at their dirty pillow", but more like rituals involving sex with children, toruring animals. AND BEFORE anyone starts bitching - I am not yet talking about Ethiopia..
Ethiopia. How could these poor starving people make me angry? They are allowing a "major zoo" to kill RARE lions & sell for taxidermy. With all the help that has been sent over there - why are they not thriving and more civilized? Are funds being mis-managed? I don't know, but this makes me CRAZY MAD (as my teenager would say).
When we get involved in other countries problems - cant we just have at least one SIMPLE rule? Can we NOT help people who aren't - or don't have the desire to be civilized? I hate to sound cruel - but as we watch animals die & study the archealogical finds of early man, we know that there is a natural process - natural selection? The weak die, the strong and smart survive.
The US can't clean up all the worlds problems & still maintain a clean house of its own. When an individual buys a property - they fix up the needed repairs within - and then start reaching outside to fix what needs fixing there. WE HAVE LOTS that needs fixing. From the lack of suitable politicians - the astonishing & climbing rate of sexual crimes - NEED for more police/protection HERE in the US - devastating weather & its aftermath.. IF and WHEN we get our own problems straightened out - THEN we can go and stretch our feelers outward. Canada doesnt need our help - but Mexico does.
ANYWAY. Maybe no one will read this, but i feel better now.. until i read the next disturbing newspaper article....

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Blogger Aidan said...

Nunya: I can hear your frustration ad I offer the following: [1] Ethiopia was civilzed when peoples in other areas of the world (e.g., Europe) were painting themselves blue adn running around in animal skins. [2] successive regimes in Ethiopia have systematically misused foreign aid, usually because of the easy meeting ground of local individual corruption and foreign countries that tend to have their own interests at heart. [3] Shutting down aid is not the answer, but multinational pressure for governmental reform is. [4] at the same time, a reformation of the governments of powerful nations (USA, Russia, China), and would-be powers (Iran, Saudi Arabia) and others (brutal, backward perverters of world religions) needs to happen, too. The issue is far too complex for the startegy you propose. A good begining would be to restore true democarcy in Ethiopia, and for the UN to demand the world puppeteers who are using Eritrea and Ethiopia to fight a proxy war in poor Somalia to LEAVE THE HORN OF AFRICA ALONE.

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