Message from Kaliti warns against individual tyranny in Kinijit

Jailed Kinijit leaders in kaliti are the latest in the host of groups and people to attempt to solve the crisis in the diaspora Kinijit. A message from Kaliti obtained by Ethio-Zagol today warns kinijit leaders in diaspora that they should adhere to the rules of procedure within Kinijit International Leadership. The message was communicated to all Kinijit Iinternational Leadership members through the appropriate channel, Ethio-Zagol learnt.
The message is clear that Kinijit International is a committee that answers to the collective leadership of Kinijit in Ethiopia. It states that the democratic rules of procedure of Kinijit Ethiopia which gives no veto power to an individual leader should be applicable to the KIL. "All decisions by the committee must be reached through democratically acceptable procedures," the message says.
The most interesting part of the message is the one which denies the existence of a special letter written to Shaleka Yosef from Kaliti. "There are reports that there was a letter written to Shaeka Yosef by Engineer Hailu Shawel. Neither in content nor format was the letter that of the (chairman's)," it states. The message expresses its grave concern as how such a document that is not approved by Kinijit leadership and is not communicated through the normal channel has ended up in the public realm with all sorts of harmful implication to Kinijit as organization and its collective leadership. It promises to look into the whole matter and will announce its finding soon. "If any message send to and received from Kaliti isn't made through the appropriate channel, it isn't acceptable," the message concludes.

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