The Mechanics Institute:Appeal to Restoring the Trust of the Ethiopian people

  1. Concerned by the existing Human Rights violations, atrocities, and detentions in Ethiopia;
  2. considering the indifference of the International community to condemn the Ethiopian government sponsored massacres and other human rights violations;
  3. Being saddened by the fact that the Ethiopian government had blocked the Internet to prevent the Ethiopian people accessing independent Medias;
  4. Remembering the support of British people many of whom have been moved by the plight of Ethiopia and marched for justice for example outside the G8 summit in Glen Eagles in 2005;
  5. Asserting that the existing Ethiopian government led by Meles Zenawi has proven to the world that it lacks democratic legitimacy;
  6. Recalling the findings of the Independent Post-election violence Inquiry Commission that the Ethiopian security forces had ‘massacred’193 peaceful demonstrators;
  7. Referring to the European Parliament resolution on Ethiopia of 15 November 2006 and recalling the European Union’s Election Observation Mission’s Report that the May 2005 Ethiopian Election considered not to have met international standards for genuine democratic elections;
  8. Citing Amnesty International’s various reports that those Ethiopian opposition leaders, teachers, university professors, civil society activists, journalists, students and merchants who are in detentions and prisons are all ‘prisoners of conscience’;

We, Ethiopians, friends of Ethiopians, Trade Unionists, democracy activists and members of the British public held a meeting on this day of 26 November 2006 at the Mechanics Institute, Manchester and passed the following resolution and present this appeal to: -

The British Public
The British Medias
The British MPs
The British Government
Trade Unions
Prime Minister Tony Blair
Africa Commission representatives such as Bob Geldof and other anti-poverty campaigners

And send a copy of same to:
Amnesty International
EU Parliament
European Union

To take this seriously and help the Ethiopian people attain true democracy we demand:

  • The immediate release of all political prisoners, imprisoned leaders, journalists, trade unionists, teachers, university professors, students and other civil society activists;
  • Uncensored, independent and alternative media access to the Ethiopian people such as the Internet with out blockage;
  • The restoration of democratic and trade union rights in particular the rights of public demonstration, the recognition of trade unions such as the Ethiopian Teachers’ Association(member of Education International) and freeing of its funds and assets, full trade union rights as ratified by the Ethiopian government;
  • Those responsible for the June and November killings should be held accountable in a fully accountable and independent public enquiry with international observers;
  • An amnesty of all Ethiopian asylum seekers from forced deportation to Ethiopia where the terror continues;

We believe that these steps are the minimum necessary to help restore the trust of the Ethiopian people.

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