The Great Ethiopian Run turns into protest march

Thousands of participants in today's Great Run are chanting slogans such as "Release the Prisoners", "Woyane, Dangerous Vagrant", "The repressed Kinijit is back".... Protest songs are also being sung loudly. Some of the protestors are near ETV headquarter now and are condemning the station for being a propoganda machine for the Meles regime.
Two groups of protestors are infront of the national place right now. One group is chanting "Meles is a thief," "Meles, release our leaders".. the other group is saying "Don't disturb him..he is chewing Khat".
The Great Run protestors are condemning Meles's declaration of war on Somalia. The slogan "Whose war is it? It is not Ethiopia's..but Meles's" is being repeatedly chanted now.

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