Ethiopia: Military Attack helicopter Destroyed

Ogaden Online News
Reports reaching our service desk from our reporter in Qorahey zone, confirm the destruction of an Ethiopian military helicopter. This helicopter is said to have been destroyed by members of a specially trained force of the Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF).
The military operation that resulted in the loss of this military attack helicopter took place in Qabridahar in the early hours of Sunday night, 12/11/2006). About forty soldiers are reported killed in the same operation that resulted the loss of the helicopter This is the second attack helicopter that was destroyed by ONLF. The first helicopter was destroyed in the town of Gebo Gebo in July 18th, this year. About twenty-six high-ranking military officials including general Mulugeta, a close relative of the current Ethiopian premier, lost their life in the earlier helicopter.
In a related similar commando operation carried out by specially trained ONLF fighters, the main military garrison in Dhagax Bur city was attacked.There are unconfirmed reported of many military deaths within the military garrison however there has been no confirmation from the Ethiopian military.
Military analysts in the horn believe that the two related commando operations carried out by ONLF show the increasing strength of the ONLF army. These analysts also believe that these military operations carried out within the Ethiopian military garissons appear planned.
They add that these operations other than causing military casualties also send the message that the Ethiopian military is not safe anywhere in Ogaden.

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