Blogspot blocked again in Ethiopia

by Ethiounited Moderator, hosted by the U.S. firm Blogger and owned by Google, has been under attack by Meles Zenawi Regime who has chosen to block all blogs hosted on the domain. All the Blogs are now inaccessible in Ethiopia. The only ISP in Ethiopia, Ethiopian Telecommunication, simply blacklisted the entire domain, causing thousands of blogs to be inaccessible for viewing in Ethiopia. Web sites critical of the government have already been inaccessible in Ethiopia since May, 2006 although the regime remained tight-lips on blocking websites such as,, and etc.... The dictators may deny again that they haven't blocked blogger's Web logs which uses the extension on blogger Web addresses.
The Ethiopian Telecommunications Authority, the only Internet Service Provider in Ethiopia, instituted the blog blockade on the orders of Meles Zenawi's office. We have contacted people from Ethiopia and they said that computer users in Ethiopia remained unable to directly access blogs hosted on Blogspot without the use of anonymizer sites which blocks the IP and a user's country of origin.
Click here to maximize the above image (one of this blog visitor from Ethiopia is using anonymizer sites). Message for Meles - The IP address is erased..oooppsss there is nothing to hunt.
We request for the involvement of Google Inc. in contacting the dictator, Meles Zenawi in Ethiopia, including the Chinese who helped the ETA to filter out, why their search engine and blogspot is being manipulated for censorship.
We also request CPJ and IFJ to denounce the blockage of Blogspot, and demand the Meles Regime to get the access for restored.
It is our point of view, that any censorship of Ethiopian blogs is unacceptable, be it an anti-Meles sites inciting exterimism to his Regime, or hundreds of blogs protesting the Meles dictatorship or even the many sites that remain an opposition to the terrorist Meles Zenawi - The East African terror-monger.

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