Three killed, several detained and torture on rise

Prominent businessman Alemayehu Fantu was severly assaulted and tortured by Meles Zenawi agents. He appeared before a court yesterday barely able to walk due to the incurred serious injuries including broken ribs, arms and legs. Injuries to the soles of his feet are also consistent with beatings, and correspond to the torture and assault.
Alemayehu was arrested last week in Addis Ababa. Police said he was suspected of distributing a calendar which contains the pictures of imprisoned CUD leaders and a call for their release. He was arrested after the former VOA journalist Mimi Sibhatu's Iftin published that he master-minded the printing and distribution of the calendar.
A task force comprising eight Federal Police investigators has been formed to follow up the distribution of Brehanu Nega's (the prisoner of conscience) book and the calendar in Ethiopia. All suspects who were detained by the task force were assaulted and tortured. At least three were killed.
International human rights groups should continue to raise their voice in demand for human rights, and voice their concern on the illegal use of torture which is on the rise by Meles security forces as the regime battles to keep public discontent in check.
Opposition groups, Journalists and government critics are arrested and Several thousand people remains in long-term detention without charge or trial on suspicion. Currently, Prison conditions in Ethiopia are harsh and many prisoners are held incommunicado or are feared to have “disappeared”.

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