Thousands people in Ethiopia are disappearing, being arrested

by lilti
Addis Ababa---These politicians are crazy. Can you believe that here in Ethiopia, the seventh poorest country in the world, they have a man who ranks amongst the top two hundred richest people in the world? Not only is he that rich, but his status jumped from the top four hundredth to the top two hundredth in just one year. One year. Because he started assisting the government in Ethiopia.
These politicians fifteen years ago were ‘from the jungle’ as everyone says around here. Now their accumulated wealth is staggering. If the profit of these businesses were to be poured back into the country, there would be no starvation.
And from what I’ve learned the suppression of the opposing party members is only getting worse. Saturday they took away one worker from the hotel, a taxi driver from across the street (my favorite taxi driver too) and a man from the garage across the street in Addis Ababa. You don’t even have to be a member of the opposition, just in some sort of support of the party.
Apparently its happening all over the city, Addis Ababa . In the thousands people are disappearing, being arrested. The guy from the hotel – we weren’t sure what had happened to him. Someone else from the hotel who is from Tigray, and has some connections with the government, found out where he’d been taken. No one is allowed to see him, but some have sent food, and received notes back.
They’ve been arresting people since last may, but in the last three weeks its been on the rise. No one released yet. Then apparently the government releases these statements saying that they arrested X amount of people with huge amounts of weapons, money, drugs, and all of these people are members of the opposition party. People here seem quite fearful, willing to talk to me, but unsure what the government is going to do next.

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