Struggling Engineers at ETC with three Chinese telecom companies

by Concerned Engineers at ETC
For the sake of the future of telecommunication in Ethiopia.
The news of ETC signing a memorandum of understanding worth 2.1 billion USD with three Chinese companies for telecommunications equipment made us, engineers in ETC nervous, because our viewpoints are once again overlooked by the new management.
We have suffered enough with Chinese telecom equipment, which does not fulfill international performance and quality criteria. Additionally, they don’t follow standards, do not provide documentation and hence are not compatible with other telecom vendor equipment.
The Chinese have achieved a level of competence in road, dam and building construction and power systems equipment perhaps and can compete with European, Japanese and US counterparts. However, we the engineers at ETC can guarantee that when it comes to telecom and mobile equipment, they are some 20-30 years behind. Let the society know that we are becoming a test bed for second rate Chinese telecom equipment if this memorandum of understanding becomes effective. Why can’t the Chinese buy from their own telecom companies when it comes to installing telecom equipment for their own cities? We do not take responsibility for the chaotic network situation that can emerge with such a decision. Is there any other alternative for the currency crisis which in our opinion is the main reason throwing us at the mercy of the Chinese?

Addis Ababa

*courtesy of Urael Blog

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