Political Murder Cover-up in Ethiopia

Unidentified federal police agents ordered the family of the murdered young Kinijit activist, Wondwossen Gutu, not to give evidence about the killing to another group or people on Sunday. After taking Wondwossen's photos and some of his personal belongings from his home yesterday, the unidentified agents warned family members that giving evidence about the murder would harm them; close friends of the family told Ethio-Zagol.
Wondwossen Gutu(pic), 16, joined Kinijit as a fresh high school student during the election time; actively distributing the party's manifesto and messages among students. After the imprisonment of the leaders of the party, Wondwossen joined Tegbar League activities. He was organizing protests and boycott of exams in his school, Medihanealem. In the beginning of September, he was spotted distributing the civil disobedience calendar which called for the release of Kinijit's leaders. Friends said that he had managed to escape from federal polices who were looking for him several times. On Sunday, Wondwossen was shot dead by a Federal Police while he was returning to his house after watching a football game in a nearby sports cafe.
Yesterday, TPLF's mouthpiece, The Reporter, tried to cover up the political murder. It claimed that the policeman shot Wondwossen because he was acting as a suspect and had some disagreement with him. Quoting the notorious Kinijit hater and torturer, Commander Girma Kassa, Head of Addis Ababa Police Commission's Criminal Investigation Bureau, the paper reported that the policeman was arrested. One of Wondwossen's friends contacted by Ethio-Zagol said that the policeman was a Federal Police member who had failed to capture the young activist in previous attempts; and not the city's police officer as stated by The Reporter.

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