Meles Zenawi snubbed in Addis Ababa

European Commission high level delegation, led by the President, Jose Manuel Barroso, declined to accept the illigal Prime Minister of Ethiopia, Meles Zenawi, breakfast invitation during their official visit to their counterparts from the Africa Union.
Although the official reason given by the delegation was that the breakfast invitation wasn't part of their schedule, sources said that it was a polite rebuke of the dictator's repression in Ethiopia. The delegation met Meles Zenawi at the scheduled time latter.
Jose Manuel Barroso, the president of European Commission, skipped a scheduled signing ceremony with Ethiopia's illegitimate and dictator, Meles Zenawi, for the 155 million euro granted by the EU to the road project in Ethiopia.
He also cancelled a joint press conference with the prime Minister, diplomatic sources told Ethio-Zagol. The Commissioner's request to meet the CUD leaders in kaliti was turned down by the Prime Minister who said that the EPRDF Central Committee had decided that the prisoners would not be visited by foreign dignitaries until the trial is over.
Diplomatic sources said that Barroso, the former Prime Minister of Portugal, was angry with Meles's response. The two had hours of one-on-one talk about the prisoners and democracy in Ethiopia. Barroso was said to be very frank about Ethiopia's lack of democracy to TPLF officials.

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