Meles Government in serious trouble

The Meles government will be in serious trouble once the European Union investigates the espionage claim on its staff and diplomats.
Yalemzewd Bekele, prominent human rights activist, appeared before a local court in Moyale today eventhough courts in Ethiopia are normally closed on Saturdays. The judge granted the police a five days remand.
According to Ethiopian security sources, an investigator named Adane, who arrived from Awassa after Yalemzewd Bekele was arrested, is following her case with Tamrat Genanaw, an Ethiopian security personnel.
After the court apperance, Yalemzewd Bekele was taken to a police station where she was told to sleep on a floor without mattress and blanket. It was reported that she was firm and not talking to the investigators eventhough the Ethiopian Security Personnel tried to roughen her up. She had been held at the immigration office in Moyale before being taken to the police station.
Meanwhile, more reports about the European Commission espionage are coming out.
The man, who was investigating Yalemzewd, was carrying a photo of Yalemzewd Bekele and her expelled boss eating Pizza the day she was stranded at the delegation's office here in Addis Ababa.
Another pictures of Yalemzewd Bekele, the prominant lawyer, and other delegation staff were also taken in a farewell party held for an expatriate staff in an European Commission compound. According to security sources, Both photos were taken by Sibhatu and Brothers, the firm in charge of the delegation's compound security and handed over to Ethiopian security.

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