Join us in protesting and stopping the persistent gross human rights abuses

Kinijit International Leadership

Kinijit International Leadership calls upon all Ethiopians and non-Ethiopians to join it in protesting and stopping the continuing, ongoing, and persistent gross human rights abuses in Ethiopia. Kinijit, the most popular political party in the country, is founded on the basic principle of respecting individual rights of Ethiopian citizens. Because Kinijit thrived in the principles of democracy, freedom, and unity, it has won the hearts and minds of millions of Ethiopians.
Currently, the ruling party, EPRDF, continues to imprison publicly elected Kinijit leaders, civic society advocates, and journalists unjustly and without any legal basis. The sham trial of the innocent leaders and citizens in the kangaroo court is still ongoing. What’s more, in the erroneous assessment and belief, the ruling party is convinced that it will successfully avert freedom and democracy by killing, torturing, and imprisoning innocent citizens. For instance, on or about October 1,2006, the ruling party security forces shot and killed an unarmed and innocent 16 year old student in Addis Ababa, while he was walking home, alleging he is a supporter of Kinijit. On October 5, 2006 a young businessman and professional Alemayehu Fantu was detained and tortured. Furthermore, a number of citizens are being hunted, arrested and tortured by the ruling party for allegedly distributing a calendar (published and distributed by concerned citizens) calling for the release of Kinijit leaders.
Presently, credible sources confirm that numerous citizens are being hunted down for possession of the calendar, and for reading a book “The Dawn of Freedom” written by Dr. Berhanu Nega, the Mayor elect of Addis Ababa. Using this innocuous act as pretext, thousands of supporters of Kinijit are being hunted and harassed. Many of the unjustly imprisoned are precluded from consulting with legal counsel, family visits, and their constitutional right of release on bail or habeas corps has been denied. These are not exceptions or isolated incidents and there are many similar specific credible reports of blatant, extreme and severe human rightsviolation being committed by the ruling party, EPRDF. These brutal acts ofsavagery on the part of the EPRDF government indicates and confirms that the government has no respect for the country’s own constitution and international covenants of universal human rights.
The unfortunate reality in Ethiopia currently is that citizens are killed, arrested, and tortured without any due process of law. Kinijit International Leadership is highly dismayed by the slow and un-responsive attitude of the International Community in general, and particularly, the Donor Nations in light of the day-to-day carnage being carried out by EPRDF. Therefore, once again, Kinijit International Leadership calls upon all, including but not limited to, the International Red Cross to examine and verify the conditions of all political prisoners in Ethiopia and appeals to all, human rights organizations, governmental and non-governmental entities, and organizations to intervene and help preventfurther killings and unjust imprisonment of innocent civilians without further delay.
The EPRDF should be stopped immediately and pressured to come to thenegotiation table to resolve the current political impasse in Ethiopia. Kinijit has been and will continue to engage in peaceful struggle to press the ruling party in accepting the release of Kinijit leadership, whom Amnesty International considers prisoners of conscience. Kinijit International Leadership is confident that all citizens and non-citizens, human rights, and civil rights forces will join it in rebuking and admonishing the EPRDF for its grave abuse of its citizen’s fundamental human rights.

Kinijit International Political Leadership Committee

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