Five die in Ethiopia clashes - police

Associated Press
Addis Ababa, Ethiopia - Five people died in clashes at the weekend in a western Ethiopian region that has seen clashes between Muslims and Christians, a police spokesperson said on Monday.
The clash happened near Dembi, about 440km west of the capital, Addis Ababa, where at least eight people died when Muslims and Christians fought on September 26 over an Ethiopian Orthodox Church festival.
Federal Police spokesperson Commander Demsash Hailu said that police had not established if there was link between the latest clash and the September one.
"It happened in the surrounding area of Dembi where the last incident happened, but I cannot confirm if this was another clash between Muslims and Christians, as happened before, but there are a few persons creating the trouble," Demsash told The Associated Press.
Demsash said that police have arrested several police and had not determined the religion of the victims.
Officials at the Ethiopian Orthodox Church were unavailable for comment. Elias Redman, vice president of the Ethiopian Islamic Affairs Council, declined to comment until he got more information.
Police said that property had been damaged but the extent of the damage or the value of the property.

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