Ethiopian Government's biggest conspiracy and espionage exposed

Conversations with the two expelled diplomats and Tim Clark, the delegation's head had been tapped by the EU office security company "Sebhatu and Brothers" and passed to the Ethioppian security. " Sebhatu and Brothers Security company" is also in charge of the security other key foreign interests in Addis Ababa.
Ethiopian government's espionage against European Commission is exposed. The Ethiopian government claimed on Thursday that it had expelled two EU diplomats who were trying to smuggle two Ethiopian fugitives who committed serious crimes.
According to Security sources, the two diplomats weren't arrested at the border town of Moyale but more than 157 miles away from the border while they were traveling back to Addis Ababa. They didn't try to cross the border. The car was stopped near the town of Agre Mariam.
Yalemz was arrested when she was checking at the Moyale immigration office as a regular traveler to Kenya. She was told to hang on and plain-clothed security guys picked her up and took her to a detention center. Fasil Assefa the man who was arrested with her was taken from Koket Borena hotel while he was sleeping. He wasn't trying to cross the border.
Security sources said that the whole episode was pre-arranged. When police issued an arrest warrant against Yalemzewd on Thursday she stayed the night at the compound of the EC delegation in Addis Ababa where she was working. The delegation's security was contracted out to Sibihatu and Brothers, a company owned by former VOA journalist Mimi Sibhatu Family and managed by her brother. The information that she was staying at the compound was passed by this company to government security.
According to our security sources, Yalemzewd's conversation with the two expelled diplomats and Tim Clark, the delegation's head was being tapped by the company and passed to the Ethioppian security. Her subsequent stay at the house of Bjorn Jonsoon, her immediate boss was also reported by Sibhatu and Brothers to the Ethiopian security.
On Wednesday the Ethiopian security had advanced knowledge(from espionage in the EC delegation's office by Sebhatu and Brothers) that the two diplomats were taking Yalemzewd. They thought the diplomats would try to take her to Kenya, crossing the border. Instead the two diplomats dropped her at the town of Moyale where she met Fasil who was seeing her off.
She checked out hotel at 9 am. Fasil stayed there. She went to Moyale Immigration Office showed her passport. She was detained there.When the security personel who were waiting for her knew that she was not with the diplomats they reported it to Addis Ababa where decision was taken to arrest them on the road.
Ethiopian government has spilled over a lot of pieces here and there,"our securtiy sources said, "any serious investigation on the part of the EU would reveal that easily."
Sebhatu and Brothers is also in charge of the security other key foreign interests in Addis Ababa.
Alert to international journalists:
  • The expelled diplomats will be in Brussels today.
  • They should be asked where they were arrested.

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