Ethiopian American Council Urges Support for Human Rights Bill

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Contact: Mesfin Mekonen of the Ethiopian American Council, 202-737-4530

WASHINGTON, Oct. 4 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Ethiopian American Council issued today the following release on Human Rights Advancement Act of 2006 (HR 5680):
Ethiopians and supporters of human rights and democracy are calling on Congress to pass the Ethiopia Freedom, Democracy, and Human Rights Advancement Act of 2006 (HR 5680). The legislation, which has bipartisan support, seeks to catalyze positive change in Ethiopia. It also provides the American people an opportunity to demonstrate and celebrate their commitment to basic principles that underlie American society and to express their opposition to dictatorship and repression.
HR 5680 is a response to the brutality of the Ethiopian regime, characterized by the Washington Post as one of the world's worst dictatorships. It commits the U.S. government to support democratic institutions and civil society, and puts Congress on record demanding the immediate release of political prisoners who are being held in deplorable conditions for daring to attempt to participate peacefully in electoral politics.
As Rep. Chris Smith (R-N.J.) recently noted, every day of delay in passing HR 5680 "is yet another day that political party officials, human rights activists, journalists and even children remain behind bars without a strong, legislative statement by our government."
The suppression of political and human rights in Ethiopia, coupled with failed communist style economic practices, are threatening to destabilize an important U.S. ally, and even to turn the country into a breeding ground for terrorism.
Ethiopian Americans, an emerging political force, will be reaching out to congressional candidates during the midterm elections to urge them to vote for HR 5680.
The Ethiopian American Council (EAC) encourages registered voters to tell congressional candidates that the passage of HR 5680 is the single most important agenda for the Ethiopian American community. The EAC also urges candidates to inform the House leadership of their support for HR 5680 and to give Congress an opportunity to vote for the legislation in the final weeks of the 109th Congress.

About the Ethiopian American Council:
The Ethiopian American Council (EAC) is a national organization devoted to serving the Ethiopian Americans community in the United States. EAC mission is to empower the Ethiopian Americans community through political awareness and encourage the participation of the Ethiopian Americans in the American political process. Visit

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