EPPF Army released 326 prisoners from 'Bechena' town in Gojam

On 13th of October 2006, EPPF's 'Assmelash' Army Division has for the second time controlled Arbeya town in Gonder for a period of 12 hours. Within the 12 hours, EPPF Arbegnoch informed the local residents about EPPF activities and objectives. In the fight to control the town 4 police and 5 Kebele officers where killed. EPPF has confiscated an Information Ministry vehicle registration number 00492.
On 14th of October 2006, EPPF Army released 326 prisoners from 'Bechena' town in Gojam at 3am in the morning. In the aftermath of this mission, Weyane rounded up and imprisoned 8 police officers and other 12 police officers have been taken and there whereabouts are not known to date.
In a separate incident, more members of the 26th Army Division of the Ethiopian military from Azezew City in Gonder have defected from the crumbling Weyane regime and have joined EPPF. The names of the officers will soon be available.
EPPF is intensifying its fight against weyane for peace and democracy in Ethiopia.

EPPF Command Center

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