EPPF Army attacked TPLF's reconnaissance unit and killed 22 Meles Zenawi's soldiers

EPPF(Ethiopian People's Patriotic Front) army attacked a woyane reconnaissance unit sent from Sanja town 90 km from Abrha Jira city in Gonder. This unit was advancing towards EPPF Army but got ambushed and as a result 22 weyane soldiers were killed and 4 were captured. From the captured, 3 were wounded in the fighting.

The wounded names are;
  1. Lieutenant Abebe Beza
  2. Soldier Alekebet Teshome,
  3. Soldier Tadesse Ayalew and
  4. Lieutenant Mesfin was captured without injury.

The EPPF army destroyed one Ethiopia Ministry of Defense Land Cruiser with registration number “M.O.D” 174 and captured various weapons including over 15 kalashnikovs, 2 heavy machine guns, hand grenades, various ammunitions and military supplies.
EPPF is intensifying its attacks on weyane positions in all directions.

EPPF Command Center

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