Document shows over 190 civilians were killed in June-November protests

ADDIS ABABA - An independent commission of inquiry set up last year to investigate whether police had used excessive force to put down a nationwide unrest found out that 193 civilians were murdered and six policemen killed during two major episodes of social unrest in the country.
According to a document obtained from the Kaliti Covenant, it was evident that excessive force was used to crush peaceful protests that erupted after the Meles Zenawi regime rigged the May 15 elections widely believed to have been won by the popular opposition parties Coalition for Unity and Democracy (CUDP-Kinijit), and the United Ethiopian Democratic Forces (UEDF).
Two key members of the Inquiry Commission - Federal Court judge Wolde-Michael Meshesha, who had served as a long-time loyalist of the Meles regime, and Supreme Court judge Firehiwot Samuel, fled the country to Germany for fear of political reprisals, according to Ethio-Zagol, a blog which often publishes reports closely linked to court findings.
The document enlisting the names of the victims of government brutality shows various methods of killings such as:
a) Shot to death
b) strangled to death
c) crashed to death (using police cars)
d) kicked in genitalia
e) found dead in prison
f) beaten to death
Political observers firmly believe the killings were personally orchestrated by Meles Zenawi, and his personal aide former Information Minister Bereket Simon.
"Meles ordered an inquiry into the killings for two purposes," said one observer. "First, [he wanted] to appear as amenable to international pressure, and second, he thought he would come up clean if he staffed the commission with his loyalists like those judges who have fled the country."
Following are the documents bearing the names of the people killed and those wounded by government forces:
1) The list of the murdered people.
2) List of the Injured(7.71MB).

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