Chinese bribes the dictatorial regime in Ethiopia

by Urael ( Blogger)
“Companies from China and India are most willing to pay bribes abroad to do business, a survey suggests. Anti-corruption group Transparency International (TI) put the two countries at the top of its Bribe Payers' Index of 30 exporting nations.”
If we combine this BBC news item with the fact that the Mafia Gang that calls itself the government of Ethiopia is forcing ETC to do business with Chinese firms, against the advise of experts, that looks suspiciously like there is more than the ideological argument to buy from them.
Just a couple of months ago a complete wireless system of the Chinese was written off and abandoned because it proved to be useless. The Engineers of Ethiopian Telecom may think that the Chinese are good road and bridge builders but I advise them to drive the ring road during and after a thunderstorm and rethink this opinion. Many accidents happen because the ring road, but also the Medhanealem – Urael road get flooded if it rains a little bit too much. As I reported before even on a bridge there was 30 centimer water. On a large scale they are selling inferior products, dumping them to developing countries.The better products are for developed countries and their own use.
How do they get away with this and even manage to get new contracts. Bribes seems to be the lubricant that makes the machine work smoothly. For us it’s interesting who the recipient of this goods and money will be. Five managers of the Ethiopian Telecom Company were sacked last week on suspicion of corruption. That could be an indication. But the TPLF runs this country, the Gang, the Crime Ministers Office, that’s were every mayor decision is taken. I wonder how much lubricant is stashed away there. The chief thief, economic advisor of the Crime Minister Neway Gebreab, is renowned for correcting ministers and high officials. He can be seen as the organizer of the big theft. Ultimately he runs the state owned companies and conglomerate what the TPLF has stolen together the last 15 years.
Now that the dawn of freedom and democracy is becoming reality, some extra millions from the Chinese will be a welcome contribution to their retirement funds. Ultimately the Ethiopian population will have to pay the bill.

*Urael is a blogger from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

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