Six Ethiopian soldiers defected to Eritrea

Asmara, 7 September 2006 - Six Ethiopian soldiers who arrived here opposing the racist policy of the TPLF regime disclosed that at a time when resistance is gaining momentum within the Army, the regime is resorting to increased atrocities by imprisoning members of different ethnic groups.
They noted that many Ethiopian soldiers are defecting to different opposition organizations and fleeing to neighboring countries opposing the brutal and harsh measures the TPLF regime is taking against members of the Army.
The soldiers who arrived in Eritrea are Neguse Araya Tsadik and Gebreal Abraha Sebhat, both Tigrayans, Mohammed Adem Abdu from the Somali ethnic group, Tedros Zeleke Kasahun and Siyum Tesfayu Freisa, both of them Oromos, and Samsom Alemayehu who came from Birsheleko Training Camp.
Source: hornofafrica

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