Open Letter to the Media Community of Ethiopians in North America

Re: HR 5680

Dear Sirs:

Ethiopian America Civic Advocacy (EACA) has admired your long and untiring commitment to the interest of Ethiopians and Ethiopian American community. Hence, we are writing to ask you to continue encouraging Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans support the bill HR 5680, ‘The Ethiopia Freedom, Democracy and Human Rights Advancement Act of 2006’, that is intended to promote the interest of Ethiopia and the US.
At present, HR 5680 is being considered by the full House of Representatives. It is anticipated as some members may offer amendment to HR 5680 or the bill may be directly placed to a simple YES or NO vote. If it passes the full House, the bill may be referred to the sub-committee on Africa and the full Senate before it proceeds to the President’s desk for signature so that it will be enacted into law.
To make HR 5680 into law, grass root mobilization of the public is very much needed and extremely essential.
EACA firmly believes the media community of Ethiopians in North America can play major role in mobilizing the public to take action in the effort to make the bill pass to the next phase speedily. Therefore, EACA kindly ask you to continue fostering awareness about the bill by providing more air time and urging the public to demand the Congressional representatives support HR5680.
If you have any questions on HR 5680, please feel free to contact us.

Together we can make a difference

Kassa Ayalew (Acting Chair)
Ethiopian American Civic Advocacy (EACA)
Phone: (703) 665-4042
PO.Box 1292
Lorton, Virginia 22199-1292
Radio Abisinia
P.O.Box 21033
Washington DC 20009
Tel 202 329 7709
Fax 202 234 1644
Negat Radio
40 Norwood Rd.
Silver Spring, MD 20905
(703) 941-8006
Finote Democracy
PO Box 73337
Washington DC 20056
Fax: (202) - 291-7645
Kinijit Radio
766 Rockcreek Church Road NW
Washington DC 20010
Tel. : (202)541-9507
Fax : (202)723-7793
Hager Fiker Radio
PO Box 21126
Washington, DC 20009
Tel (301) 588-9712

P.O.Box 28152
San Jose CA 95159
Dejen Radio
P.O. Box 792
Indianapolis, IN 46206-0792

Oromo Liberation Front Radio
P. O. Box 73247
Washington, DC 20056
Tel: (202) 462-5477 Ext. 202
Fax: (202) 332-7011
Netsanet Le Ethiopia
P.O.Box 5398
Takoma Park, MD. 20913
Voice Mail: 301-562 8597 ,

Radio Voice of Ethiopia

Voice of Ethiopia
918 23rd Ave.
Seattle , WA 98122
Cell:206-660 2633
Deutsche Welle
Amharische Redaktion
53110 Bonn ,Deutschland
Tel.: +49 228 429-4971
Fax: +49 228 429-4978
VOA Horn
330 Independence Ave. SW
Washington, DC 20237
Fax: 202 205 4447
Addis Dimts Radio
P.O.BOX 21745
Washington, DC 20009
Tel: 240-472-4439
Tensae Radio
Tel: (206)3399297

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