ONLF Statement On Abduction Of Red Cross Staff In Ogaden

Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF)
The Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) strongly condemns what appears to be the deliberate abduction of two humanitarian aid workers employed by the ICRC in Ogaden.
The abduction or harming of aid workers in Ogaden is unacceptable under any circumstances and represents a clear attempt to divert attention from and underminethe legitimate struggle of the people of Ogaden for self-determination. The continued detention of these aid workers serves no other purpose than to discourage international humanitarian assistance to our people. As such, the perpetrators of this act shall beconsidered by us to be clear enemies of the people of Ogaden and the ONLF.
The ONLF calls upon the captors to immediately release the two ICRC employees unconditionally and unharmed. We further call upon the ICRC to not be discouragedbut rather to step up operations in Ogaden where hundreds of civilians have recently been arbitrarily detained by the Ethiopian government in Jijiga and other towns in Ogaden. These civilian detainees are in desperate need of ICRC intervention and assistance.
We wish to assure the families of the detainees that this act, carried out by a few, in no way represents the wishes of the people of Ogaden.

Ogaden National Liberation Front (O.N.L.F)

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