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We would like to re-affirm that our endeavors and missions get more energy and spirit with each day of sufferings we and our people at home, in Ethiopia, are facing now. Although we have to welcome the year for all Ethiopians, we will definitely be able to see a better tomorrow sooner or later and we firmly believe a better tomorrow will be approaching, and will open a close relationship and cooperation among the people of Ethiopia and the people around the world.
We have not forgotten the tremendous pain that Ethiopian mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, sons and daughters have taken for the last 15 years.
We saw a large number of Ethiopians who support Kinijit ideas and spirit. Hatred on Kinijit supporters must come to an end, for the cause of Ethiopia's briliant future and the next generation.
OLD forces within the so-called "Opposition-Camp" are attempting their crime again to let Kinijit give its mission up, but we are the soldiers who do not, in any way, retreat. Even though we know the sufferings of Kinijit leaders is giving the best hope to Ethiopians in Ethiopia and all over the world, We must work hard hand in hand in ending the Kinijit leaders sufferings and the dictatorship in Ethiopia.
We must work in ending the terror the TPLF agents are spreading through out the country and we are already indebted to the people of Ethiopia for their kind and generous support they have given to the country.
Ethiopians are passing through a very difficult time now. The people of Ethiopia are suffering with hunger and terror despite the fact that Funds, in the name of poor Ethiopians, from the Western countries in support of terrorist "TPLF" regime in Ethiopia are being poured inside Zenawi's pocket . These European, American and other governments are ruthless and careless when it comes in persuading for the release of the jailed Kinijit leaders and these governments kept their mouth shut while the TPLF regime continued its repression on jailed civil society leaders, Kinijit leaders, and journalists for a long time. All Ethiopians through out the world should keep on knocking each and every door to see the lights of KINIJIT leaders, journalists and civil society leaders.
The only hope Ethiopians have now is "us" and Ethiopian's kindness, sympathetic support and cooperation. We have entered into a war zone, which we didn't choose to participate, but the time comes to support all means to fight Meles Zenawi back with bullets. Once we are victorious, we will definitely be able to see the defeat of our enemies from inside to outside in the days to come.
The young and old, the women and men, Ethiopians who joined EPPF, Only these patriots whom we could utterly rely upon, badly need all Ethiopians to support EPPF in attaining the victory of Ethiopia. The EPPF fighters accept Kinijit leaders as the leaders of Ethiopia and are welcoming all the TPLF army soldiers either to put their gun down and find a way to abandon their post to join EPPF.
Please convey this message to all the people in Ethiopia and the Brothers and Sisters around the army.
Through each one of us, we would like to appeal to all the people in Ethiopia and the world to start helping EPPF.

May God bless Ethiopia!
Happy New Year!
Dil Le'Ethiopia Hizb!!!

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