Ethiopian soldiers defected

Reports from Fiiq confirm the defection of thirty-four members of the Ethiopian military stationed in and around Fiiq. The latest defections took place on September 1st, 2006.
Ogaden Online and Radio Xoriyo reporters in Nogob province indicate that the defecting members escaped with all their military gear some of which were hand-held anti-tank weapons.
The latest defection follows that of over thirty soldiers who deserted their positions at the end of August. Latest reports indicate that Ogaden National Liberation Front (ONLF) army welcomed the new defections. Many of the defecting soldiers are now reported to be with ONLF.
Reliable sources that requested anonymity said that the latest defections have created a state of apprehension within the Ethiopian military stationed in Fiiq. The same sources add that it is possible the head of the Ethiopian military in Fiiq may himself be contemplating defection but he is said to be unsure how ONLF will treat him.

Source: Ogaden Online News

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