EPRDF continued its repression of KINIJIT leaders

EPRDF continued its repression and restricted the visitation right of the KINIJIT leaders Journalists and civil society leaders for a 2nd day. As today, Sunday is the last day of the Ethiopian New Year families, friends and supporters gathered in front of the kality prison to visit their loved ones and wish them good will for the Ethiopian New Year which will be on the 11th of September. However the barbaric action of the government continued and restricted the visitation only to spouses and children who are required to present a picture I.D. This unfair and unjust action of the government was totally rejected by the detainee who refused to accept any food sent to them unless such restriction is reversed.
There was hope that the prison administration with behave humanly and allow visitation of the leaders by their loved ones. However, once again it refused to allow visitors as the result the detainees decided not to accept any food material and remained in their cells. We are asking all Ethiopians and the international community once again to condemn the inhuman acts of the EPRDF government and do the needful to get this decision reversed. On the other hand the spirit of struggle, support and anger is alleviated by the Ethiopian people. The spirit of our leaders has inspired the Ethiopian people who are determined to peruse the peaceful struggle against the repressive EPRDF government.

Berhane Mewa
Kinijit International Political Leadership Secretariet

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