Civilian Detentions and Lootings

Ethiopian military and its associated militias are reported to have detained many civilians in many parts of Ogaden. The military and its militias are accused of looting public property in broad daylight as well in the city of Qabri Dahar.
The latest illegal, civilian detentions took place on August 27th in the town of Dhagaxle. Some of the names of the detained civilians that have reached our service desk include:
1- Sh. C/llaahi Axmed Deeq
2- Haaruun Cabdi Xasan
3- Ismaaciil-dheere and
4- Xasan-Golay

Ogaden Online and Radio Xoriyo reporters in Jig Jiga report the sightings of some of the people detained in Dhagaxle in the main military garrison known as Garab Case in Jig Jiga.
In related news, in the town of Higlooleey about five civilians were detained illegally by the Ethiopian military. The illegal detentions took place on August 28th, 2006. The names of the five are:
1- Maxamuud Xuseen (Awr-liqe)
2- Maxamed Mahdi
3- Axmed Naasir
4- Mukhtaar C/llaahi Cabdi iyo
5- Yuusuf Maxamuud Caynaashe

In the most blatant attack on civilians and their property, the Ethiopian military looted the pharmacy of one doctor Cabdi Naasir Axmed Gamaadiid. The looting was witnessed by many civilians who could not understand why the military will loot of all things drugs.
Local sources that requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the positions they hold within the military confided to our reporter in Qabri Dahar that the reason for the looting of the pharmacy was to get drugs to treat many wounded soldiers.
The same sources add that many of the wounded were neither allowed to fly to Jig Jiga or other places to get proper treatment nor authorized to seek treatment locally since their injuries were not publicized earlier.

Source: Oganden online

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